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The KDIC provides training program named One Asia with KDIC to deposit insurance officials around the world at its education institute, KDIC Global Academy.

The program is made up of modules which cover the major features and functions of a deposit insurance scheme. Based on a survey of the participants' needs, the contents can be tailored into various formats: lectures, case studies and peer benchmark discussions.

The first One Asia with KDIC event was held from June 20th to 23rd, 2017. 24 participants from 9 Asian countries not only shared knowledge on deposit insurance in general, history of deposit insurance and its key functions, but also discussed what stage of development their respective deposit insurance systems were at.

We at KDIC hope that our global colleagues will take an interest in our effort aimed at promoting the development of deposit insurance worldwide through our training program.

2017 One Asia with KDIC

Opening Ceremony/Completion Ceremony/Peer Benchmark/Outdoor Activity