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Press Releases

Press Releases
No. Subject Date File Dept
159 KDIC Signs Cooperation Arrangement with EU’s SRB to Promote Cooperation, Including Information Sharing and Staff Exchanges 14/07/2022 save   Department of SIFIs Management
158 Claim Your Bankruptcy Dividends in Easy and Simple Steps 04/07/2022 save   Department of Recovery Planning
157 Find Out if Your Financial Product is Covered by the Deposit Insurance by Visiting the Website or Mobile App of Your Financial Company Anytime at Ease 20/06/2022 save   Office of Financial Consumers Protection
156 KDIC, KINFA, Daesang and Korea Seven-Four Public and Private Entities Come Together to Participate in a Planting Event to Practice ESG 09/06/2022 save   Department of Social Value Management
155 KDIC Bolsters Services for the Public with the Use of New Technology 09/06/2022 save   Department of IT Strategy and Systems Operation
154 KDIC-Suhyup Amend the Agreement for Redemption of Public Funds 08/06/2022 save   Department of Resoulution & Financial System Improvement
153 KDIC Unloads 2.33% in Woori Financial 18/05/2022 save   Department of Resoulution & Financial System Improvement
152 The KDIC Launches a Campaign to Live a Carbon-neutral Life - to Help Promote Carbon Neutrality 05/04/2022 save   Department of Social Value Management
151 The KDIC Publishes a White Paper on the Management of the Special Account for the Restructuring of Savings Banks 31/03/2022 save   Office of Fund Management
150 The 2022 Deposit Insurance Advisory Committee Meets in Its Full Strength 30/03/2022 save   Department of Planning and Coordination
149 KDIC Undergoes Major Restructuring and Reshuffling 11/02/2022 save   Department of Planning and Coordination
148 KDIC Recoups KRW 239.2 billion of Public Funds by Offloading 2.2% Stake in Woori Financial Holdings 11/02/2022 save   Department of Banks Management
147 KDIC Awards Financial Companies for Contribution to the Advancement of Differential Premium System in 2021 29/12/2021 save   Department of Risk Management Planning and Coordination
146 KDIC Wins Grand Prize at the 2021 Korean Public Institution Auditors Conference 16/12/2021 save   Office of the Auditor
145 KDIC-KFLA Hold a Joint Policy Symposium Online 15/12/2021 save   Department of Investigation Planning and Coordination
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Press Releases