About KDIC


Resolution of failed financial institutions to protect depositors and maintain financial stability
  • Takeover of a failed financial institution’s sales operations or contract
  • Payment of claims including deposit claims and collection of claims such as loans
  • Other resolution activities and management and disposal of trust assets

Legal basis for establishment

Article 36.3 of the DPA (Establishment of Financial Institution for Resolution)

Establishment Date

November 10, 2009 (The old Resolution & Finance Corporation (RFC) changed its name to Korea Resolution & Collection.)


KRW 50 million


A paper company consisting of the President, the Auditor and two Directors

Major Functions

  • Takeover of assets and liabilities from failed financial institutions, bankruptcy estates, financial institution for resolution, the KDIC, etc.
  • Management of assets and liabilities transferred from failed mutual savings banks
  • Activities related to the resolution of failed merchant banks
  • Purchase of claims including deposit obligations within the deposit insurance coverage limit
  • Recovery, collection and disposal of purchased assets and liabilities
  • Securitization of assets and management of securitized assets
  • Other activities related to claims management