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301 KDIC News KDIC Speaks at the Webinar hosted by the World Bank 27-03-2024 DOWNLOAD Office of International Cooperation
300 Press Release KDIC Sold All of Its Remaining 1.24% Stake in WFG, Recovering KRW 136.6bn of Public Funds 14-03-2024 DOWNLOAD Department of Resolution
299 Press Release KDIC Hosts the 14th KDIC Academy to Develop Experts in Bankruptcy Proceedings 12-03-2024 DOWNLOAD Office of International Cooperation
298 Press Release In 2023, the KDIC Helped 3,887 People to Reclaim KRW 5.2B Worth of Mistakenly Transferred Money 25-01-2024 DOWNLOAD Department of Misdirected Money Transfers Recovery Support
297 Press Release The KDIC and KODIT signed an MOU Aimed at Enhancing Internal Controls 15-12-2023 DOWNLOAD Office of Internal Control
296 Press Release KDIC Will Put on an Exhibit of Artworks Previously Owned by Failed Savings Banks and Hold an Auction 12-12-2023 DOWNLOAD Department of Recovery Planning, Department of ESG Management
295 Press Release KDIC Signed an MOU with Korbit to Forge a Partnership Relating to Virtual Assets 12-12-2023 DOWNLOAD Department of Investigation Planning
294 Press Release KDIC Signed an MOU with Indonesia’s OJK for Cooperation on the Resolution of Failed Insurers 07-12-2023 DOWNLOAD Office of International Cooperation
293 Press Release KDIC Held the 11th Savings Bank Risk Management Strategy Workshop 05-12-2023 DOWNLOAD Department of Savings Bank Risk Management
292 Press Release KDIC Announced Commitment to Responsible Management 28-11-2023 DOWNLOAD Office of Internal Control
291 Press Release KDIC Conducts Joint Exercises to Test Resolution Plans with 10 SIFIs 27-11-2023 DOWNLOAD Department of SIFIs Management
290 Press Release KDIC Successfully Sold Off Troubled Project Sites Owned by the Estates of Busan and Solomon Savings Banks 23-11-2023 DOWNLOAD Department of Recovery Planning
289 Press Release KDIC Has Built an AI-based System to Assess Compliance with KDIC Signage Display Requirements 21-11-2023 DOWNLOAD Department of Deposit Insurance Policy, Department of IT Strategy and Systems Operation
288 Press Release KDIC Hosted the 2023 Farmers’ Market to Ensure Shared Development of Urban and Rural Areas 07-11-2023 DOWNLOAD Department of ESG Management
287 Press Release The KDIC Hosted a Council Meeting to Discuss Deposit Insurance Arrangements with the National Federations of Agricultural Cooperatives, Fisheries Cooperatives, Forestry Cooperatives, Credit Unions and Community Credit Cooperatives 06-11-2023 DOWNLOAD Financial Stability TF
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