About KDIC

02Organizational Directory

Department of Planning and Coordination

  • Strategic Planning Team
  • Inter-Agency Cooperation Team
  • Organizational Planning and Budget Team

Office of Legal Affairs

  • Legal Planning Team
  • Legal Support Team

Department of Human Resources and Administration

  • Human Resource Team
  • Payroll & Benefit Team
  • Labor Relations Team
  • General Administration Team

Office of Human Resources Development

  • HRD Team
  • Organization Culture Team

Department of Social Value Management

  • ESG Management Planning Team
  • Customer Satisfaction & Social Contribution Team
  • Financial Education Team

Office of Management Innovation

  • Innovation Performance Management Team
  • Innovation Management Team
  • Ethical Management Team

Department of IT Strategy and Systems Operation

  • IT Strategy Team
  • IT Infrastructure Management Team
  • IT System Operation Team

Office of Information Security

  • Data Management Team
  • IT Security Team

Department of Financial Industry Analysis Ⅰ

  • Analysis Planning and Coordination Team
  • Financial Industry Analysis Team
  • Bank Sector Analysis Team

Department of Financial Industry Analysis Ⅱ

  • Life Insurance Sector Analysis Team
  • General Insurance Sector Analysis Team
  • Capital Markets Analysis Team

Department of Risk-based Premium Assessment

  • Risk-based Premium Assessment Planning Team
  • Risk-based Premium Assessment Team I
  • Risk-based Premium Assessment Team II

Department of Savings Banks Management

  • Examination Planning Team
  • Examination Team
  • Risk-based Premium Assessment Team
  • Business Analysis Team

Department of Resolution & Financial System Improvement

  • Resolution & System Improvement Planning Team
  • Banking & Insurance System Improvement Team
  • Capital Markets System Improvement Team
  • Equity Sales Team

Deposit Insurance Research Center

  • Research Planning Team
  • Financial Policy Research Team
  • Convergent Fintech Research Team
  • Virtual Asset Research Team

Office of International Cooperation

  • International Organization Relations Team
  • Global Cooperation Team

Department of SIFIs Management

  • SIFIs Resolution Policy Team
  • SIFIs Resolution Planning Team Ⅰ
  • SIFIs Resolution Planning Team Ⅱ
  • SIFIs Resolution Planning Team Ⅲ

Office of Financial Consumers Protection

  • Financial Instruments Analysis Team
  • Deposit Insurance Signage & Product Guidance Team

Department of Misdirected Money Transfers Recovery Support

  • MTRS Planning Team
  • MTRS Operation Team

Department of Recovery Planning

  • Receivership and Collection Planning Team
  • Asset Management Team
  • Asset Sales Team

Department of Bankruptcy Asset Management

  • KR&C Operation and Management Team
  • KR&C Asset Recovery Team
  • Debt Adjustment Team

Department of Deposit Insurance & Fund Management Policy

  • Policies Planning Team
  • Insurance Premium Team

Office of Fund Management

  • Deposit Insurance Fund Team
  • Redemption Fund Team

Office of Fund Operation and Investment

  • Fund Operation and Investment Team
  • Accounting Audit Team

Insolvency Investigation Division

Department of Overseas Property Investigation

  • Overseas Property Investigation Team
  • Overseas Property Litigation and Recovery Team

Phnom Penh Office

Department of Investigation Planning

  • Investigation Planning Team
  • Property Investigation Team

Investigation Bureau

Office of Public Relations

  • Public Relations Team

Office of Security Administration

  • Industrial Health & Environment Management Team
  • Security Administration Team

Office of the Auditor

  • Audit Planning Team
  • Audit Team

Office of the Chairman