About KDIC

01Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation CI_Symbol Mark

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The CI (corporate image) of the KDIC highlights its role as a framework to protect depositors’ funds, ensure financial stability and create a virtuous cycle of economic growth.

As it celebrates its 20th anniversary and prepares for a fresh start, the KDIC decided to change its CI. Using the symbol of Taeguk as the key motif, the new CI highlights the KDIC’s importance as a central part of the financial safety net in South Korea. Just as the Taeguk symbolizes harmony and creation, the CI represents the KDIC’s commitment to financial stability, and by extension, to economic development. It presents a simple, but interesting look into the KDIC’s new vision and role.

02Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation CI_Overview

ci overview
Red Line
A fence for the protection of financial stability and for the stimulation of economic growth
A source of confidence as a globally respected financial safety net participant
Blue Line
A foundation for the promotion of financial stability and professionalism of the KDIC as an organization leading the way in financial crisis prevention

The rectangular frame surrounding the KDIC name conveys the steadfast image of the KDIC as the safeguard of financial stability, which plays a central role in the financial safety net in Korea. It also symbolizes the framework for deposit insurance providing protection for the nation’s depositors.

03Color System


Stimulation of the national economy, KDIC’s passion for its mandate
C 10 M 100 Y 90 K 0
R 213 G 18 B 36


The trust placed in the KDIC to maintain financial stability by preemptively responding to risks
C 100 M 85 Y 15 K 20
R 30 G 51 B 112

04Up-Down Signature

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05Left-Right Signature

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