About KDIC

On top of the Global Training Program, the KDIC offers consultation to individual deposit insurers to assist them in developing or improving their deposit insurance schemes. The types of consultation are as follows:

Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) Funded by the Korean Government

The Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) is made up of projects provided by Korea’s Ministry of Economy and Finance to offer policy research, consultation and capacity building programs tailored to the needs and circumstances of partner countries. The purpose is to support system building and capacity development in partner countries. The Ministry of Economy and Finance conducts a survey every year to gauge demand for KSP and selects the year’s projects after a feasibility study. As the organization responsible for performing KSP projects in the area of deposit insurance, the KDIC is providing support for the design and implementation of a deposit insurance scheme and the establishment of a deposit insurance organization. For more information on KSP, please click here to the KSP website.

Study Visit

Study visit is a program where deposit insurance officials from other countries visit the KDIC to learn about the deposit insurance system in Korea and have meetings with the KDIC’s working-level staff. Meeting topics and duration of the visit are decided in consultation with the visiting organization. With a pre-visit questionnaire, the KDIC tries to identify topics of interest in advance so that it can develop a program to truly address the visiting officials’ needs.

Training Seminar (Workshop)

In this program, the KDIC tries to share its experience in deposit insurance and financial stability issues with other deposit insurers. Experts from the KDIC visit a deposit insurer in another country to conduct a workshop (seminar) for the staff of the deposit insurer and/or officials of safety net participants in that country. As with Study Visit, topics and duration of the visit are decided in consultation with the requesting organization.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact kahyunp@kdic.or.kr.